Verifying the Import Results

Code Insight 2021 R2

Use this procedure to verify that the import process completed as expected.

To verify that the import results are as expected, do the following:

1. Open the target project in Code Insight and navigate to the Project Inventory page.
2. Confirm that the total number of inventory items includes the newly imported items. (Keep in mind that, by default, only inventory with matching associated files in the target codebase are imported.)
3. Confirm that the inventory items contain accurate inventory details and file path associations.
4. If the import results are not what you expect, adjust the import configuration (see Import Behavior and Configuration), and run the import again.

Possible Benign Error When Processing Existing File Associations

During the import process, if a file association in the import data file already exists in the target inventory item, no new file association is added to the target inventory item. However, when the import processes this association, a “duplicate entry” exception similar to the following might be logged:

Duplicate entry ‘entry_id’ for key 'pse_inventory_group_files.UNIQ_FILE_GROUP

This exception is benign and has no impact on the regular file-processing behavior—that is, the existing file association is retained; no new file association is added.