Offline Activation

Traditional activation relies on having internet access to perform a capability exchange between the license server and back office. However, for security reasons, your license server might have limited or no external network connections. The following offline activation process allows you to generate a capability request (specifying your desired activation IDs and counts) as a binary file, which you then send to the back office by an agreed-upon means. The back office returns the capability response as a binary file that you then process on the license server to activate your licenses.

To perform an offline activation

1. Run the following command to generate the capability request as a binary file:

flexnetlsadmin -server licenseServer_baseURL -activate -id act1 -count 2 -o request.bin 

These options are used:

-id to specify the activation ID (in this example, act1) containing the license rights.
-count to specify the number of copies (in this case, 2) of the activation ID to install. If no count is provided, one copy is assumed.

Note:The activation count must greater than 0 and not lower than the current count on the server.

-o to define the name of the output binary file to which to save the generated request (in this example, request.bin).

If you want to provide multiple activation IDs, repeat the -activate option (as shown in the previous procedure).

2. Upload the capabilty-request binary file to the back office, and download the capability-response binary file generated by the back office.
3. Run the following command to process the response generated to install the licenses on the license server:

flexnetlsadmin -server licenseServer_baseURL -activate -load capabilityResponse.bin 

The -load option is used to specify the capability response file returned by the back office (in this example, capabilityResponse.bin).

4. To view the installed licenses, see Viewing Features Installed on the License Server.