License Server Failover

The FlexNet Embedded local license server includes support for license server failover. Failover involves two local license servers—the main license server and the back-up license server—that work together to ensure that licenses in the enterprise remain available for serving to client devices should the main license server fail.

The two license servers in a failover configuration must be of the same version.

In a failover configuration, the main FlexNet Embedded local license server periodically sends synchronization messages to the back-up license server and the back-up license server uses this information to mirror the state of the main server.

If a client device determines that the main license server has failed—by a failure to respond to the client’s capability request, for example—it can communicate with the back-up license server, which then takes over responsibility for serving the pool of licenses until the main license server is restored, or until the configured maintenance interval (as defined by the software producer) has elapsed.

The back-up license server does not synchronize to the back office or to the main license server. Therefore, data about clients served by the back-up license server during a failover period is not stored in the back office. However, once the main license server has come back online, license-distribution data collected from that point on is once again synchronized to the back office.

The following sections describe license server failover:

Configuring Server Failover
Editing Failover Configuration Settings
(Optional) Automatic Registration of the Failover Pair
Additional Failover Considerations