Displaying Administrator Information

You can display a list of the administrators that are assigned to your user account. This is particularly useful for end-users who want to contact their administrator.

The Account Administrators page lists the administrators’ names and accounts. Clicking an administrator name opens a new email message in your default email client, where the To: field is prepopulated with the administrator’s email address.

If you are assigned more than one account, the administrators for all your accounts are displayed.

Note:The List all administrators link only appears in the Accounts & Users menu of the End-User Portal for users with roles that include the End-User Portal permissions View Accounts or View Users.

To display a list of the administrator accounts assigned to you:

1. Click Accounts & Users > List all administrators.

This command opens the Account Administrators page.

2. On the Account Administrators page, you can view the names and accounts of your administrators.