Managing Devices

When configured to support devices, the End-User Portal includes a Devices menu. A device is a hardware component that has its features licensed using FlexNet Embedded. Examples of devices include high-end medical equipment, routers, and microchip ID scanners.

A device is identified by a device ID (typically, a serial number) and its type. Device types are:

Standalone—FlexNet Embedded device that connects to FlexNet Operations, which manages device ownership, state, features, and more.
Server—FlexNet Embedded server that communicates with FlexNet Operations to manage device ownership, state, and features for a collection of served devices. (When a FlexNet Embedded server is used, its served devices connect with the server rather than connecting directly to FlexNet Operations.)
Served—FlexNet Embedded device that is managed via a FlexNet Embedded server. In FlexNet Operations, served devices are essentially read-only entities.

Note:One-time activation standalone devices are not managed by the local license server, and therefore are not shown on the FlexNet Operations user interface.

This section includes a number of topics about tasks available to end users, depending on the roles assigned to their accounts and the configuration of the End-User Portal. Not all features are available to all users.



About Device Ownership

Discusses how device ownership is set, the function of the account check and how users’ related accounts and their entitlements affect the devices they can see, and the entitlements on the device that they control.

About Device Attributes

Lists the attributes of standalone and served devices. These attributes are used in searching and managing these types of devices.

About Server Attributes

Lists the attributes of servers. These attributes are used in searching and managing servers.

About Overriding the Expiration Date of an Entitlement

Discusses the conditions under which a license expiration date can be overridden on a device, and the limitations of doing so.

About the Device–Device User Association

Describes what a device user is, the system configuration options, and the user permissions required to view and edit device users.

Listing Devices

Explains how to list existing devices.

Searching for Devices

Shows how to search for a device (or devices).

Creating a Device

Explains how to create a FlexNet Embedded device.

Working with Devices

Describes how to manage existing devices. Subtopics include

Filtering the Devices List
Previewing Licenses on a Device
Viewing Device Virtualization Information
Viewing a Server’s Served Devices
Viewing Device History
Viewing Standalone Device Updates
Viewing Standalone Device Downloads
Downloading Download Packages for a Device
Associating a Device with a Device User
Mapping Entitlements to a Device
Mapping Entitlements to a Device by Activation ID
Removing Licenses from a Device
Returning a Device
Moving a Device
Setting a Password for a Cloud License Server

Offline Device Management

Describes manual offline device management activities.

Uploading a Capability Request
Uploading Synchronization History

Downloading a Capability Response

Describes how to download a capability response.

Claiming a Device and Activating a License

Explains how to claim a device or server and map one or more activation IDs to it.