FlexNet Operations Web Services Guide

FlexNet Operations SOAP Web Services Guide

FlexNet Operations supports the integration of software license delivery into the business operations of software producers. Much of its functionality is exposed as Web services to facilitate its integration with software producer back office systems.

FlexNet Operations Web services are accessed using a document-style SOAP mechanism from client applications that you write. SOAP is an XML-based protocol that supports information exchange using HTTP and has implementations in many programming languages. Because each Web service is a document-style SOAP service, its parameters are sent in a specific XML format. This format is defined in a service-specific XML Schema document and a WSDL file. A language-specific client implementation (for example, C, C++, Java, Visual Studio .NET, Perl) of each interface can be generated from its WSDL file.

A WSDL file defines the interface to each web service. The custom data types and XML Schema elements specific to each interface are defined in one or more companion XML Schema documents. The files containing these interface definitions are located in the FlexNet Operations installation.

SOAP Web Services Batch Limits

The following batch-size maximum limits apply for requests issued from SOAP web services:

Specifying a batch size higher than the new cap results in an error.

Web Service Versioning

FlexNet Operations Web Services use a separate versioning system from the overall FlexNet Operations product. To provide producers with greater flexibility when managing their own Web Service client code, new Web Service versions are created as new features are added to existing services. For more information about web service versioning, see the FlexNet Operations Web Service Integration Guide.

The following table shows the current version for each service:

Web Service  Current Version 
Product Packaging Service
Entitlement Order Service
License Service
FlexNet Authentication Service
User Account Hierarchy Service
Manage Device Service
Dowload Package Service
Usage Service

Name  Description 
ProductPackagingService  Web service to create, update, delete, count and query various product packaging definitions.
EntitlementOrderService  Web service to create, update, delete, count and query entitlements.
LicenseService  Web service to create, rehost, repair, return, query of license activations.
FlexnetAuthenticationService  Web service to manage Flexnet authentication.
UserAcctHierarchyService  Web service to create, update and query account hierarchies as well as to create, update or delete users and user roles in an account.
ManageDeviceService  Web service to manage devices.
DownloadPackagingService  The Download Packaging Web Service is an add-on to the FlexNet Operations entitlement management system.
UsageService  Web service to retrieve real-time, reconciled usage data for an account.
EsdWebService  The Electronic Software Delivery Web Service has been replaced with the Download Packaging Service, and Revenera suggests that existing implementations be migrated to the newer service. Please contact Support if you have an Electronic Software Delivery implementation and you require documentation.
Appendix-A  Web Service Data Types with Choices
Appendix-B  License Model Attributes
Appendix-C  ClientSecurityCredentials Class Source
Appendix-D  Error Codes

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