About Plug-ins

InstallAnywhere 2017

Developers can register custom code as plug-ins with the InstallAnywhere Advanced Designer. This feature allows properly packaged custom code to be integrated into the design environment, where it will appear on the Choose an Action dialog box under the Plug-Ins tab. Plug-ins are stored within the <InstallAnywhere>/plugins folder. The advantages of packaging custom code are:

Can be added as regular actions—The developer can add them as regular actions without having to specify the JAR and class.
Utilizes InstallAnywhere variables defined in the plug-in action—While custom code actions typically require a separate Set Install Anywhere Variable action to define variable values used by the custom code action, a plug-in allows the setting of variables at the action level, thus simplifying the install by reducing the number of actions required.
Easily portable—Plug-ins are easily portable across development teams.

Note • InstallAnywhere Support is interested in distributing plug-ins developed by our users. If you have written a plug-in that you think would be useful to other developers, and you would like to share it, please contact the InstallAnywhere Support team.

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