Silent Installers

InstallAnywhere 2017

Note • Only InstallAnywhere Premier Edition can create installers that operate in silent mode. Silent mode is unavailable in installers built with InstallAnywhere Professional Edition.

Silent mode, which enables an installer to run without any user interaction, is fully supported on all UNIX platforms. A near-silent mode is possible on Windows and macOS or OS X. InstallAnywhere and end user–defined variables may be set through command-line parameters or a properties file.

To trigger a silent installer from the command line, type the following command:

installername -i silent

You may also call a properties file from the command line:

installername -f properties file

You may use the direct or the relative path to the properties file.

Note • InstallAnywhere variables may be incorporated in these values, and they will be resolved at install time.

You can also use response files and silent installers.

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