Defining Rules and Rule Expressions that Evaluate Conditions on Target Systems

InstallAnywhere 2018

Rules are conditions that you can define for your project’s installers, specific files or actions, or groups of actions. When you assign a rule to an action, for example, installers run that action only when the rules that are assigned to it return a true result.

InstallAnywhere also includes a rule expression manager which allows installer authors to:

Create complex rule expressions at the project level
Combine multiple rules and save them to a single rule expression
Reuse a rule or a set of rules across the project
Associate a rule expression to a file extension, including the option to automatically associate the rule expression to a file whenever a file containing that file extension is added to the project
Remove associated rules from custom file extensions

The following sections provide procedures for various functionality that you can do with project level rule expressions:

Configuring and Saving a New Rule Expression
Associating a Rule Expression to a File Extension
Loading a Rule Expression
Deleting a Saved Rule Expression

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