Dynamic and Static Text

InstallAnywhere 2018

Text that can be entered and customized in the InstallAnywhere Advanced Designer is dynamic text. Text that cannot be edited in the Advanced Designer is referred to as static text. Standard items such as file choosers as well as text for actions and panels that you are unlikely to want to change have static text. Dynamic text is written to the locale files (located next to the project file). Translations of static text is available in the following location:


Although it is unlikely that you would need to change static text, InstallAnywhere provides the ability to change static text.

Almost all dynamic text has default values in the Advanced Designer. These dynamic values also have default translations. Every string that is modified in the Advanced Designer needs to be localized by the installer developer if they want the translation to match. There are also actions that do not have defaults such as custom code and Get User Input panels. It is the developer's job to localize these strings as well.

Note • InstallAnywhere writes all changes of dynamic values into the locale file of the same language the Advanced Designer is running in. When using the Japanese version of InstallAnywhere, dynamic changes are written into the custom_ja file. Using the Advanced Designer is the correct way to modify this locale file. Changes to the locale files that are made outside of the Advanced Designer may be overwritten.