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Project: This information applies to InstallScript MSI projects.

The SdSetupTypeEx function displays a dialog that enables the end user to select the setup type when you specify setup types beyond Complete and Custom. The dialog displays the names of the setup types as you specified them in the Setup Types view.


SdSetupTypeEx ( szTitle, szMsg, szReserved, svSetupType, nReserved );


SdSetupTypeEx Parameters




Specifies the title of the dialog. To display the default title (“Setup Type”), pass a null string (“”) in this parameter.


Specifies the message to be displayed in the dialog. To display the default instructions for this dialog, pass a null string (“”) in this parameter.


Pass a null string (“”) in this parameter. No other value is allowed.


Specifies a default setup type and returns the setup type selected by the end user. The string returned in this parameter will match the name of the setup type as you specified it in the IDE.


Pass zero in this parameter. No other value is allowed.

Return Values

SdSetupTypeEx Return Values

Return Value



Indicates that SdSetupTypeEx was successful.

BACK (12)

Indicates that the Back button was clicked.

Additional Information

In an InstallScript project, if you do not display a setup type dialog, your script must do one of the following:
Select a setup type
Call a feature selection dialog function such as SdFeatureTree.
Directly select features.
To view an example of this or other dialogs for your installation, use the Dialog Sampler. In InstallShield, on the Tools menu, point to InstallScript, then click Standard Dialog Sampler or Skinned Dialog Sampler.

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