Basic MSI Installation Projects

InstallShield 2015

Basic MSI is the Windows Installer–based project type in InstallShield. Basic MSI projects are recommended in cases where the Windows Installer service should drive the entire installation. They allow you to author your installation using only the native Windows Installer feature set. The geometry of your end user dialogs as well as the flow of your setup user interface (UI) is authored directly in the MSI package, and the Windows Installer Service uses its native user interface rendering capabilities to display the UI to your end users. The advantages of this project type are fully realized if you need to author your installation in an open format.

Note: Create a Basic MSI project if your software will be customized by corporate systems administrators prior to deployment. It gives them the flexibility to create transforms for the installation package and its associated properties, without repackaging your installation.

Basic MSI projects have the ability to run InstallScript code in the form of custom actions. As with InstallScript projects, Basic MSI projects take advantage of other robust features provided by InstallShield such as dialog authoring, the ability to call custom actions in standard Windows .dll files, and the ability to specify support files.

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