Installing Fonts Through InstallScript and InstallScript Object Projects

InstallShield 2015

Project: This information applies to the following project types:

InstallScript Object

When you include a font file—.ttf, .ttc, or .fon file—in your installation project (using either the Components view or the Files and Folders view), the file is automatically marked internally to be registered on the target machine if you have enabled global font registration. At run time, the OnInstalledFontFile event handler function is called immediately after each font file is installed; the default code for this event handler function calls the RegisterFontResource function to register the font if it is internally marked for registration.

Font Titles

InstallShield determines the font title that the installation registers for the font in the following manner:

For an .fon file, InstallShield—by default—reads the font title from the registry of the source system. If no title can be found in the registry, InstallShield stores the file name as the font title. For an .fon file in a component whose Link Type property is set to Static, InstallShield displays the font title in the Font title box on the file’s File Properties dialog box.
For a TrueType file (.ttf or .ttc file), by default the installation reads the font title from the file at run time, and at design time no text is displayed in the Font title box.
For all three types of files, in a component whose Link Type property is set to Static, if you enter non-default text in the Font title box, the installation registers that text as the font title.