Setting the Upgrade Code

InstallShield 2015

Project: This information applies to the following project types:

Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI
MSI Database

The upgrade code is a GUID that uniquely identifies the product family to which the product belongs. In most cases, the upgrade code should be consistent across different versions and languages of a family of related products so that Windows Installer can use it to search for related versions of the product that are already installed.

To configure the GUID for a new product, use the Upgrade Code setting in the General Information view. This upgrade code value can be overridden in other areas of InstallShield—for example, for a product configuration in the Releases view, or for each instance that is defined on the Multiple Instances tab for a product configuration in the Releases view.

When you are working on an upgrade for a new version of your product, use the upgrade code that was configured in the General Information view (or overridden in one of the aforementioned other areas of InstallShield) as the GUID that you specify in the Upgrades view of your upgrade project or in your QuickPatch project; when these upgrade codes match, the upgrade or patch can target the base version, and Windows Installer can update it as needed.

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