Adding a Sideloading App Package (.appx) to a Suite/Advanced UI Project

InstallShield 2015

Project: This information applies to Suite/Advanced UI projects.

Edition: The Advanced UI project type is available in the Professional edition of InstallShield. The Suite/Advanced UI project type is available in the Premier edition of InstallShield. For information about the differences between these two project types, see Advanced UI Projects vs. Suite/Advanced UI Projects.

Note: The ability to create and build a Suite/Advanced UI installation that includes a sideloading app package (.appx) requires Windows Vista or later or Windows Server 2008 or later on the machine that has InstallShield or the Standalone Build.

InstallShield lets you add sideloading app packages (.appx) to a Suite/Advanced UI project.

Sideloading an app is the process of installing an app without obtaining it through the Windows Store. This type of app is sometimes distributed to enterprise environments. Following are requirements for sideloading apps:

The target system must have Windows 8 or later or Windows Server 2012 or later.
The Allow all trusted applications to install group policy setting must be enabled on the target system.

For additional requirements for sideloading and running these types of apps, see the Windows 8 documentation on the MSDN Web site.

Note that InstallShield does not have support for including .appx packages that target the ARM processor architecture in a Suite/Advanced project.

To add an .appx package to your Suite/Advanced UI project:

1. In the View List under Organization, click Packages.
2. Right-click the Packages explorer and then click New Sideloading App Package (.appx). The Select the installation file for this package dialog box opens.
3. Select the .appx file that you want to add to your Suite/Advanced UI project, and then click Open. The Add Files for This Package dialog box opens.
4. Specify whether you want to include additional folders and files with your package file, and if so, whether you want to include dynamically linked files. Typically an .appx package is self-contained, and it requires only the .appx file and possibly the certificate file (.cer).

InstallShield adds the package, plus any additional folders and files, in the Packages explorer.

Note that when you add a sideloading app package to a Suite/Advanced UI project, InstallShield automatically adds an eligibility condition for that package to check for the presence of Windows 8 or later or Windows Server 2012 or later. This eligibility condition ensures that the Suite/Advanced UI installation does not attempt to add the package to systems that have earlier versions of Windows.

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