Standalone Build

InstallShield 2016

InstallShield provides a Standalone Build module that enables you to install only the part of InstallShield that compiles the installations, plus any redistributables that you want to include. For instructions on installing the Standalone Build and any redistributables on a build machine, see Installing the Standalone Build on a Build Machine.

The InstallShield 2016 Standalone Build can coexist with other major versions of the Standalone Build on the same machine (in different folders).

Upgrading Projects

The Standalone Build automatically upgrades projects that were created with InstallShield Developer 7.0 or later. However, it does not upgrade projects that were created with InstallShield for Windows Installer.

Using the Command-Line Build

You can run the Standalone Build from the command line. For more information, see Standalone Command-Line Build.

Using the Standalone Automation Interface

The Standalone Build includes a standalone version of the automation interface—the Standalone Automation Interface.

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