Using Windows Constants in a Script

InstallShield 2016

Some Windows constants are predefined in the ISRTWindows.h file that is provided in the InstallShield Program Files Folder\Script\Isrt\Include folder. This file is automatically included in your installation when you include Ifx.h in your script. You do not need to redefine any constants that are defined in ISRTWindows.h; doing so will result in a compiler warning. To determine which constants are predefined, refer to the ISRTWindows.h file.

To use constants that are not defined in ISRTWindows.h, you must define them (using #define) in the declaration block of your installation script. You cannot simply include the Windows.h file that is usually part of a C++ program. The values that you need to assign to the undefined constants can generally be found in an include file that is provided with the appropriate Windows SDK or development tool. (For Microsoft Visual C++, most constants can be found in the Winuser.h file, which is located in the InstallShield Program Files Folder\Script\Resource folder.)