Using the Template Summary Property

InstallShield 2018

Project • This information applies to the following project types:

Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI
Merge Module
MSI Database
MSM Database

You can use the Template Summary setting in the General Information view to essentially establish conditions for processor type and language; if a target system does not meet these requirements, the installer displays an error message and exits the installation.

Tip • You can also set the Template Summary setting for a product configuration in the Releases view. Any value entered in the Releases view overrides the value set in the General Information view.


List the processor type first, followed by your installation’s default language. For language, enter any four-digit language ID or 0 (zero) for language neutral.

Separate the two categories with a semicolon.
If your installation supports multiple products and you want to have multiple entries in the language category—for example, 1033 for English and 1031 for German—separate them with a comma.

Caution • If your installation targets 64-bit machines, do not enter both Intel and Intel64 in this field. Doing so causes your installation to fail. Also, if you enter Intel64, your installation will not run on 32-bit operating systems.

Valid processor values include:


Setting Conditions Based on Processor Type and Language

If your installation runs only on Intel processors and English-based systems, use the following syntax in the Template Summary property:


If the processor-type condition fails, the installer displays an error message and then exits.

If your product runs on x64 processors and supports English and German, enter the following:


To specify that the package is language-independent, you can use the syntax Intel; or Intel;0.

Setting Conditions Based on Language Only

To put a condition on the language only, start the entry with a semicolon and specify your setup’s default language:


Leaving the first portion empty indicates that the target processor is Intel. If a language is not specified, InstallShield provides the release languages in the Summary Information Stream.

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