Installing the Standalone Build and InstallShield on the Same Machine

InstallShield 2018

In most cases, the Standalone Build is not installed on the same machine where InstallShield is installed. If you do install both on the same machine, you need to be aware that the Standalone Automation Interface uses the same ISWiAutomationAutomation Interface Version.dll file that InstallShield uses, but it is installed to a different location. In addition, both the Standalone Automation Interface and InstallShield use the same ProgID: IswiAutoAutomation Interface Version.ISWiProject. This enables you to use the same automation script with both the Standalone Automation Interface and InstallShield, without requiring you to change your code to reflect the appropriate ProgID.

When you first install either InstallShield or the Standalone Build, the installation registers ISWiAutomationAutomation Interface Version.dll. If you next install the other tool, that second installation detects that ISWiAutomationAutomation Interface Version.dll is already registered, so it does not re-register it. As long as one instance of ISWiAutomationAutomation Interface Version.dll is registered, you can use both the Standalone Build and InstallShield with the automation interface.

If you uninstall the first instance that you originally installed, the installation unregisters ISWiAutomationAutomation Interface Version.dll. Therefore, you must manually register ISWiAutomationAutomation Interface Version.dll so that you can use the automation interface with the product that still remains. For example, if you install InstallShield, install the Standalone Build, and then uninstall InstallShield, you must next manually register the ISWiAutomationAutomation Interface Version.dll file for the Standalone Build; otherwise, you cannot use the Standalone Automation Interface.

To manually register ISWiAutomationAutomation Interface Version.dll, use Regsvr32.exe, which is installed in the System32 folder. The ISWiAutomationAutomation Interface Version.dll file is installed in the System subfolder of the InstallShield and Standalone Build Program Files folders.

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