Defining InstallShield Prerequisites

InstallShield 2019

Project • The following project types include support for InstallShield prerequisites:

Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI

All of these project types include support for the setup prerequisite type of InstallShield prerequisite. Basic MSI projects include support for the feature prerequisite type.

InstallShield also includes support for including InstallShield prerequisites as packages in Advanced UI and Suite/Advanced UI projects. For more information, see Including InstallShield Prerequisites (.prq) in an Advanced UI or Suite/Advanced UI Project.

Use the InstallShield Prerequisite Editor in InstallShield to modify the settings for any of the prerequisites that are included with InstallShield. You can also create custom prerequisites using this tool and then add them to your projects.

Specifying your own InstallShield prerequisites and modifying existing ones enables you to set options such as the following:

The URL from where the prerequisite files should be downloaded to the target machine
Conditions under which the prerequisite should be installed
Other prerequisites on which a particular prerequisite is dependent
The command line for the prerequisite
The command line to be used if the installation is running in silent mode
Whether the target machine should be restarted after installation of a prerequisite
Whether the administrative privileges are required to install the prerequisite
Whether the installation should display a message box that enables end users to choose whether to install the prerequisite

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