Specifying URLs for Downloading InstallShield Prerequisites

InstallShield 2019

If end users should be able to download the files for an InstallShield prerequisite in your installation, you must specify the URL on the Files to Include tab of the InstallShield Prerequisite Editor.

Note • InstallShield prerequisites do not have support for FTP URLs.

To specify the URL of one or more files for an InstallShield prerequisite:

1. In the InstallShield Prerequisite Editor, open the prerequisite that you want to modify.
2. Click the Files to Include tab.
3. Select one or more files for which you would like to specify the URL. To select multiple consecutive files, select the first file, press and hold SHIFT, and select the last file. To select multiple nonconsecutive files, select the first file, press and hold CTRL, and select each additional file.
4. Click Set File(s) URL. The Set File(s) URL dialog box opens.
5. In the URL to File’s Parent Folder box, type the URL for the parent directory of the selected file or files. This URL is the same one that InstallShield uses when installation authors use the Redistributables view to download an InstallShield prerequisite from the Internet to their local machines.

For example, if you selected files called Notepad.exe and Paint.exe, and the URLs for these files are http://www.mywebsite.com/Folder1/Notepad.exe and http://www.mywebsite.com/Folder1/Paint.exe, enter the following in this box:


6. Click OK.

Tip • As an alternative to the above steps, you can also specify the URL for an individual file when you add it to the list of prerequisite files on the Files to Include tab. For more information, see Specifying Files for an InstallShield Prerequisite.

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