Packages View

InstallShield 2019

Project • This information applies to the following project types:

Advanced UI
Suite/Advanced UI

Project-specific differences are noted where appropriate.

Edition • The Advanced UI project type is available in the Professional edition of InstallShield. The Suite/Advanced UI project type is available in the Premier edition of InstallShield. For information about the differences between these two project types, see Advanced UI Projects vs. Suite/Advanced UI Projects.

Use the Packages view to add one package to an Advanced UI project, or one or more packages to a Suite/Advanced UI project. For information on how to determine which type of package format to include, see Guidelines for Adding Packages to an Advanced UI or Suite/Advanced UI Project.

This view also lets you import one or more InstallShield prerequisites into your project as .msi packages, .msp packages, or .exe packages, depending on the type of file that is configured to run for the prerequisites.

Use this view to define conditions for each package, associate each package with one or more Advanced UI or Suite/Advanced UI features, and configure other settings for each package.

At run time, the Setup.exe file launches each package based on the conditions that you have defined and the order in which you listed the packages in the Packages view.

When you select a package in the Packages view, the following tabs are available:


When you select a dynamically linked folder in the Packages view, two settings are available. For more information, see Dynamic Link Settings.

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