InstallShield 2020 ยป InstallScript Language Reference

The GetCHARArrayFromISStringArray function returns a pointer to an array of pointers to ANSI character strings that corresponds to the wide character strings that are contained in the specified array.


GetCHARArrayFromISStringArray ( vArray );


GetCHARArrayFromISStringArray Parameters




Specifies the string array to which you want a pointer.

Return Values

GetCHARArrayFromISStringArray Return Values

Return Value



A pointer to an array of pointers to ANSI character strings.


Indicates that the function failed.

Additional Information

The GetCHARArrayFromISStringArray function allocates additional memory for the array of pointers and the ANSI character strings. This pointer can be passed to functions that take LPCSTR* or LPSTR* arguments. After you are done with the newly created array, call DeleteCHARArray to delete the array from memory.

If you call CopyCHARArrayToISStringArray to write the data from the array of pointers back to the original string array, be careful when modifying strings that are contained in the array. Since the lengths of the strings that are contained in string arrays are managed internally by the installation, if you change the length of a string the entire string will not be copied back to the original array when you call CopyCHARArrayToISStringArray.

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