InstallShield 2020 ยป InstallScript Language Reference

The LAAW_SHELLEXECUTEVERB script variable is a string that indicates the verb used by LaunchApplication when calling ShellExecuteEx. The default value is open. The lpVerb member of LAAW_SHELLEXECUTEINFO points to this string by default.

Tip:If you are using LAAW_OPTION_USE_SHELLEXECUTE on systems running Windows Vista or later and you want to launch the application using the full administrator account (similar to right-clicking the executable file to be run and clicking Run as Administrator), set LAAW_SHELLEXECUTEVERB to runas before using LaunchApplication in your script:


This ensures that the application is always run with full administrator privileges regardless of whether the application to be launched has an application manifest with relevant settings. Note that this may trigger a User Account Control (UAC) prompt for consent or credentials.

On systems running operating systems earlier than Windows Vista, if runas is used, a Run As dialog box is displayed. The behavior is similar to right-clicking the executable file to be run and clicking Run As. This dialog box enables the end user to select the user account that should be used to run the application.

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