Changing the Default Clone_wait Parameter for the Setup

InstallShield 2020

Caution:The following instructions require that you modify the Settings.xml file that is installed with InstallShield. This file contains critical data; if it is edited incorrectly, it can cause InstallShield to fail to work. Use extreme care when editing this file.

Project:This information applies to the following project types:

Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI
Suite/Advanced UI

In Installshield 2018, a new setting is introduced in settings.xml for Clone_wait parameter. By default, the original setup is enabled to wait for the completion of the installation process. If you want to generate the setup launcher without the embedded Clone_wait option, you can change the setting.

The end users can then override this setting with the command line parameter.

To change the default Clone_wait parameter for the setup:

1. Close InstallShield.
2. Find the Settings.xml file that is installed with InstallShield. Settings.xml is installed in one of the following locations, depending on which language version of InstallShield you are using:
EnglishInstallShield Program Files Folder\Support\0409
JapaneseInstallShield Program Files Folder\Support\0411
3. Create a back-up copy of the Settings.xml file, in case you later need to revert to the original version.
4. Use a text editor or XML file editor to open the Settings.xml file.
5. Search for the <Clone_wait> element and its child element. By default, they look something like this:

<Clone_wait default="Yes"/>

6. Edit and change the default Clone_wait parameter to "No".

<Clone_wait default="No"/>

7. Save the Settings.xml file.
8. Ensure that your XML code is well formed; if it is not well formed, you may have problems using InstallShield. In most cases, you can identify improperly formed XML code by opening the Settings.xml file in Internet Explorer. Check the code for errors.

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