Open MSI/MSM Wizard

InstallShield 2020

The Open MSI/MSM Wizard is a tool that converts existing installation projects (.msi files) and merge modules (.msm files) to InstallShield installation projects (.ism files) that you can modify and build in the InstallShield user interface.

To launch the Open MSI/MSM Wizard:

1. On the Home menu, click Open button. The Open dialog box opens.
2. In the file type list, select either Windows Installer Packages (*.msi) or Windows Installer Modules (*.msm).
3. Browse to the Windows Installer package or merge module that you want to convert.
4. On the Open button, click the arrow, and then click Open with Wizard.

The Open MSI/MSM Wizard opens.

Note:If the wizard encounters errors while opening the package, the errors are displayed in the Output window when the converted project is opened. To solve any problems, see MSI/MSM Conversion Errors.