Modifying XML Files

InstallShield 2020

Project:This information applies to the following project types:

Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI
Merge Module
MSI Database

You may need to modify .xml files that store settings related to your product, or you may need to modify standard configuration files such as web.config and machine.config. InstallShield includes support for modifying XML files on the target system at run time. The XML files can be part of your installation, or they can be files that are already present on target systems.

For instructions on how to modify an XML file during installation, consult this section of the documentation.

For background information about XML, see the following Web sites:

World Wide Web Consortium (
W3 Schools (

Tip:Support for XML files extends into other areas of InstallShield product functionality. The System Search feature in InstallShield enables you to search for an attribute value, contents, or existence of the element in the XML file that you specify. For more information, see Searching for XML Data.

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