Naming an Instance

InstallShield 2020

Project:This information applies to Basic MSI projects.

For information on multiple-instance support for InstallScript projects, see Running an InstallScript Installation Multiple Times.

When you add the first instance to any product configuration in your project, InstallShield adds the Windows Installer property InstanceId to your project, and sets its value to 0. The 0 value is for the base installation package. Each instance that you define in your project must have a different integer for its InstanceId value.

InstallShield uses the name of an instance on the Multiple Instances tab in the Releases view as the InstanceId property value that corresponds with that instance. Therefore, when you are naming an instance, make sure that you conform to the following guidelines:

Each instance in a product configuration must have a different name.
Each instance name must be an integer: it cannot contain any letters or other characters.

To assign a new InstanceId value to an instance:

1. In the View List under Media, click Releases.
2. In the Releases explorer, click the product configuration that contains the instance that you want to modify.
3. Click the Multiple Instances tab.
4. In the Instances explorer, right-click the instance whose InstanceId property value you want to change, and then click Rename.
5. Enter a new value.

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