Specifying the Code Page that Should Be Used for Opening ANSI Text Files

InstallShield 2020

Project:This information applies to the following project types:

Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI
Merge Module
MSI Database

This information does not apply to InstallScript projects; however, the InstallScript language includes string functions for finding and modifying string variables and literals. You can use these functions in InstallScript projects.

When an installation opens an ANSI text file to make the changes that are configured in the Text File Changes view, the installation uses the code page that is specified in the CodePage column of the ISSearchReplaceSet table of your project. The default value of this column is the number 0, which is CP_ACP, the code page that is currently configured to be the system Windows ANSI code page on the target system. You can use the Direct Editor view to override this value with a specific code page.

CodePage column is of 2-byte (signed). In order to provide a CodePage value greater than 32,767, you have to provide in the form of 2's complement.

For example:













To override the default code page that should be used to open an ANSI text file:

1. In the View List under Additional Tools, click Direct Editor.
2. In the Tables explorer, click the ISSearchReplaceSet table. InstallShield displays the table in the right pane.
3. In the grid, find the row that corresponds with the change set item whose code page you want to configure.

The ISSearchReplaceSet column in this grid shows all of the names of the change sets that are available in the Text File Changes explorer in the Text File Changes view.

4. Change the value of the CodePage field in the appropriate row.

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