Advanced Tab for an XML Element

InstallShield 2020 » XML File Changes » Element

Project:The XML File Changes view is available in the following project types:

Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI
Merge Module
MSI Database

The Advanced tab exposes the following settings for an XML element in the XML File Changes view.

XML Element Settings



Update first matching element only

To modify only the first matching element in the target XML file, select this check box.

If you clear this check box, every matching element in the target XML file is changed.

Always create this element if it does not already exist

To always create this element on the target machine if it does not already exist, select this check box.

Note that if this check box is cleared for an element that is not present in the target file, its child elements are not created at run time. Thus, for an XML file such as //A/B/C, C is not created on the target system if B is neither present nor set to be created.

Remove element on uninstall

To remove this element from the XML file when the component containing this XML file change is uninstalled, select this check box.

Set Element Content

To add text content to the element, select this check box and enter the text in the Content box.

In the following XML example, feature is the content for the element product:



Enter a string with which to update the element. There is a 255-character limitation.

When you type a value for this setting, you are creating a string entry and setting its initial value for all of the languages that are currently in the project. As an alternative to typing a new value, you can click the ellipsis button (...) next to this setting to select an existing string. For more information, see Using String Entries in InstallShield.

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