General Tab for an XML File

InstallShield 2020 » XML File Changes View » XML File

Project:The XML File Changes view is available in the following project types:

Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI
Merge Module
MSI Database

The General tab exposes the following settings for an XML file in the XML File Changes view:

General Tab Settings for a File in the XML File Changes View



File Name

The file name represents the XML file name as it appears in the explorer.

When you type a value for this setting, you are creating a string entry and setting its initial value for all of the languages that are currently in the project. As an alternative to typing a new value, you can click the ellipsis button (...) next to this setting to select an existing string. For more information, see Using String Entries in InstallShield.

XML File Destination

Specify the location of the XML file on the target machine. Click Browse to locate an existing directory or to add or create a new one.

Select the Features the XML File Belongs to

Select or clear the check boxes for one or more features that you want to associate with the XML file. InstallShield automatically associates a feature with an XML file when it is added to the XML File Changes view.

Project:For DIM and Merge Module projects—The Merged Feature check box in this pane is selected and disabled when you select an XML file in this view. When you add a DIM or merge module to an installation project, you specify the feature that should contain that DIM or merge module.

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