Testing Installation Changes to an XML File

InstallShield 2020

Project:This information applies to the following project types:

Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI
Merge Module
MSI Database

InstallShield enables you to test just the XML file changes that are configured for your project through the XML File Changes view without requiring you to build and run your entire installation. When you test the installation changes, InstallShield uses the latest version of MSXML that you have on your machine to parse the XML file and execute the XPath expressions that you configured. When MSXML finds an area of the XML file that matches the XPath expression, the changes that were configured in the XML File Changes view are made.

Note:If your XML file changes include Windows Installer properties or InstallScript text substitutions, they are not replaced with the appropriate values during testing.

To test installation changes to an XML file:

1. In the View List under System Configuration, click XML File Changes.
2. In the XML Files explorer, right-click the XML file that you want to test and then click Test XML File Install Changes. The Select Test XML File dialog box opens.
3. In the File name box, select the target file to which you want the installation changes applied, or specify a new target file name and location:
If you are modifying an XML file that is installed as part of your installation, select a copy of that file. (Do not select the actual file in your installation because testing the XML installation changes would modify it.)
If you are modifying an XML file that already exists on the target system, select a copy of that file.
To test what happens if the XML file does not exist at run time and it is not installed as part of your installation, specify a new file name and location.

The default file name is the name of the test file that you right-clicked in step 2.

4. Click Open.

If the target file already exists, InstallShield applies the changes from the test file to the target file. If the target file that you specified does not exist and the Always create XML file if it does not already exist check box is selected on the Advanced tab for the XML file, InstallShield creates the file and applies the changes from the test file.

InstallShield displays details about the installation test on the Results tab of the Output window. The details include a hyperlink to the test file.

Tip:If the target file is open in a browser window when you perform the testing, you may need to refresh the browser to see the test changes.

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