Adding Project Output from a Web Service or Web Application Project

InstallShield 2020

InstallShield provides enhanced Web services support. If you add a project output (any project output) from a Web Service or Web Application project, InstallShield will prompt you to add the project as a Web Service. If you choose No, the project output that you have selected is added normally. If you select Yes, InstallShield performs the following:

1. Creates a Destination Folder called IISROOTFOLDER.
2. Deploys the following Visual Studio Project Outputs into the IISROOTFOLDER:
[Content Files] goes to the [IISROOTFOLDER]{VSIPProjectName}
[Primary Output] goes to the [IISROOTFOLDER]{VSIPProjectName}\bin"
3. Creates an IISVirtualDirectory with a target of [IISROOTFOLDER]{VSIPProjectName}.

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