InstallShield 2020 R3 SP1

The following issues have been resolved in InstallShield 2020 R3 SP1:

Issue Number

Issue Summary


InstallShield Component service, COM + application Transactions settings were not reflected in the target system when registering a Specific COM + application after the installation. This issue has been fixed.


DeleteDir script deleted the files and folders where symbolic link was referenced. Fix has been provided for this issue to delete only the symbolic links and retain the contents that it points to.


Prerequisite setup was failing to install the prerequisite from the mapped drive, with the error "Error reading setup initialization file". This issue has been fixed.


The VC++ 2010 prerequisite runtime URL was incorrect. To resolve this issue updated the correct prerequisite file in the product and Saturn server.


In InstallScript project, the project resumes with Maintenance Dialog after the reboot. This issue has been fixed.


In Suite Installer, after setting Required Execution Level to Administrator for MSIX/AppX packages, there was no prompt displayed to a standard user. This issue has been fixed.


During the installation, Suite installer did not extract the dependent files to the temp location. Hence the installer failed to load the extension DLL due to missing dependency. This issue has been fixed.


In InstallScript project, SdLicenseEx dialog was taking longer time than usual to appear. This issue has been fixed.


The VS 2008 SP1 redistributable package was not downloadable from the Microsoft website. Now, this package is delivered via prerequisites downloader.


In InstallScript, When the timeout is set for the installation, after the timeout value had been elapsed the installation was hung. This issue has been fixed.


After canceling the uninstall if you run uninstall again, it failed to run. This issue has been fixed.