Select String Dialog Box

Project:This information applies to the following project types:

Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI
InstallScript Object
Merge Module

The Select String dialog box shows the collection of language-independent identifiers and corresponding language-specific values for the default language of your project. This dialog box lets you select or create a string identifier that you can use in place of a hard-coded text string.

Accessing the Select String Dialog Box

The Select String dialog box is available from within the script editor pane in the InstallScript view. It is also available in other places throughout InstallShield. For example, if you click the ellipsis button (...) in one of the settings that accepts localizable text, the Select String dialog box opens, enabling you to select or create a string entry that you want to use for the selected setting. The Display Name and Description settings for a feature are two examples of a setting that accepts localizable text.

Working with the Select String Dialog Box

The Select String dialog box consists of the following elements:

A row of buttons and other controls
A group box area (below the row of buttons)
A spreadsheetlike table

Each row in the table represents a string entry in your project.

The following table describes all of the buttons and other controls that are displayed in the Select String dialog box.

Controls on the Select String Dialog Box

Name of Control



Displays the String Entry dialog box, which lets you specify a new string identifier, a value, and internal comments.


Deletes the selected string entry or string entries.

Search Grid

Filters the strings that are displayed in the Select String dialog box according to the string that you specify in this text box.

Drag a column header here to group that column

Use this group box area to group rows in the Select String dialog box. This dialog box supports multiple levels of grouping simply by dragging the column headings and dropping them onto the group box. InstallShield displays the rows in the dialog box hierarchically according to column arrangement in the group box.

The following table describes each of the columns in the Select String dialog box.

Columns in the Select String Dialog Box




This column contains the language-independent ID for the string. Each string identifier in a project is linked to one or more values.


This column shows the run-time string.

Project:In Basic MSI, DIM, InstallScript MSI, and Merge Module projects, some of the string values contain Windows Installer properties inside square brackets—for example, Install [ProductName]. At run time, the property and brackets are replaced by the property value.

String values in these same project types may also contain font information in curly brackets—for example, {&MSSansBold8}OK. The font information indicates style details that should be used to display the strings at run time.


This column contains internal note about the string entries. The comments are not displayed at run time.


This column lists the date and time that the string entry was last modified.