InstallShield 2021 R2

The following issues have been resolved in InstallShield 2021 R2.

Issue Number

Issue Summary


When Exit Condition was added on Windows 10 and Windows server 2019 for Suite project, the setup hung and the exit message was not displayed. This issue has been fixed.


The DISK1SETUPEXENAME did not show the current .exe name instead the setup.exe name shown. This issue has been fixed by introducing a new system variable SETUPEXENAME.


During the IIS web site installation, the Internet Information Server authentication details were removed from the preconfigured web.config file packaged and copied in the payload files. This issue has been fixed by retaining the authentication setting defined in the preconfigured web.config.


InstallScript Setup.exe did not restart after the installation when the prerequisites behavior was set to "Note it, fail to resume if the machine is rebooted, and reboot after the installation". This issue has been fixed.


In InstallScript MSI project, during uninstall, the files were left in the installation information location. This issue has been fixed.


An issue was observed while adding files to MSI package, which had more than 50000 files in MSI Direct Edit Mode. This issue has been fixed.


The ISBEWI64.exe - InstallScript engine redistributable file for IA64 machine was not signed with SHA256. This issue has been fixed.


Introduced digital signature verification for ISBEW64.exe/ISBEWI64.exe while executing InstallScript custom actions. These executable files are part of InstallScript engine to execute the custom actions in the X64/IA64 machine.


Downloading the Microsoft .net 4.7.1 and 4.7.2 prerequisites from Web and offline were unsuccessful. This issue has been fixed.


Found that the broken link for Microsoft ReportViewer 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express SP2 System CLR Types (x64) * (x86) Redistributables. The links for the redistributables are fixed now and the redistributables can be downloaded.


The Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable - x86 was unsupported on target machine while installing the InstallShield. This issue has been fixed.


Found that the broken links for Microsoft SQL server 2016 Redistributables. The links for redistributables are fixed now.


Downloading of VC++2010 and 2010SP1 prerequisites using “Download from web” option were unsuccessful and failed to install prerequisites when higher version is installed. This issue has been fixed.


The Installer was not built successfully when Microsoft Report Viewer 2015 and Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express SP2 System CLR Types (x86) were added to the project. This issue has been fixed.


In Suite, the Setup failed to install from network drive when “Cache packages locally” option is set to NO. This issue has been fixed. However, the option “Cache Packages Locally” should be set to yes to uninstall the EXE packages successfully.


Unsupported MXSML4 files were used in the InstallShield StandAlone Build (SAB). This has been fixed by removing MXSML4 dependency from SAB installer.


On Windows, PowerShell custom action did not delete the MSI property instead modified it and the associated checkbox remained selected. This issue has been fixed.