General Information View

InstallShield 2022

Project:The General Information view is available in the following project types:

Advanced UI
Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI
InstallScript Object
Merge Module
MSI Database
MSM Database
Suite/Advanced UI

The General Information view contains basic information about your project, your company, and your product. Some of the information that you enter in this view is for your reference only, some is necessary to comply with Windows logo requirements, and the rest is for setting basic project settings.

When you create a new installation project, you must configure its General Information view settings. InstallShield creates new projects with default settings, but you should set your own values so that your project includes data that is specific to your needs.

The General Information view consists of the following elements:

A row of buttons
A grid of settings

The following table describes the buttons that are displayed in the General Information view.

Controls in the General Information View

Name of Control




Sorts the settings according to categories.


Sorts the settings alphabetically.

For descriptions of each of the settings in the General Information view, see General Information View Settings.

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