Specifying the Run-Time Location for InstallShield Prerequisites at the Release Level

InstallShield 2022

Project:This information applies to the following project types:

Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI

InstallShield lets you specify the run-time location of the InstallShield prerequisites that are included with your installation.

To specify where all of the InstallShield prerequisites should be located for a release, do one of the following:

Use the InstallShield Prerequisites panel of the Release Wizard.
In the Releases view, select the release. Then on the Setup.exe tab, for the InstallShield Prerequisites Location setting, select the appropriate option.

To specify different locations for each InstallShield prerequisite:

1. In the Redistributables view (in Basic MSI and InstallScript MSI projects) or the Prerequisites view (in InstallScript projects), specify the appropriate location for each InstallShield prerequisite. For more information, see Specifying a Run-Time Location for a Specific InstallShield Prerequisite.
2. In the View List under Media, click Releases.
3. Select the release that you want to build.
4. Click the Setup.exe tab.
5. For the InstallShield Prerequisites Location setting, select Follow Individual Selections.

Tip:As an alternative, you can select the Follow Individual Selections option in the InstallShield Prerequisites panel of the Release Wizard.

Note that if an InstallShield prerequisite is added to a project as a dependency of another prerequisite, the location for the prerequisite dependency follows the location setting of the prerequisite that requires it.

If you build a release that includes InstallShield prerequisites and both of the following are true, one or more build errors may be generated:

You specify for the InstallShield prerequisites location that the prerequisites should be extracted from Setup.exe or copied from the source media (instead of being downloaded from the Web to the end user’s computer).
The prerequisite files are not on your computer.

To eliminate the build errors, remove the InstallShield prerequisite from your project, download the InstallShield prerequisite from the Internet to your computer, or change the InstallShield prerequisites location for the release to the download option; then rebuild the release.

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