Integrating with Microsoft Visual Studio

InstallShield 2022

With InstallShield, you can create your installation projects directly in Microsoft Visual Studio. InstallShield enables you to create, modify, or build your installation from within Microsoft Visual Studio.

Integration Features

InstallShield is fully integrated within the Visual Studio shell. Some of the unique features of the integration include:

All InstallShield navigation is presented within the Solution Explorer.
Each InstallShield view is presented in a separate window so no scrolling is necessary and side-by-side viewing options are available.
You can run InstallShield external to Visual Studio.
InstallShield dynamically links your installation project to other Visual Studio project outputs, automatically updating your installation with your latest source files every time your product is built.
Items identified by the InstallShield Debugger can be moved directly into the Visual Studio task list.

Integration Benefits

Some additional benefits of using InstallShield’s integrated installation authoring solution are:

You can create and customize your installation without leaving the Visual Studio user interface, enabling use of familiar navigation and layout options.
Your installation is automatically updated with your latest source files every time your solution is built, always staying current.
The installation reflects the Build Configuration for the solution—for example, Debug, Release, automatically included source files from the proper build directory.
.NET properties and dependencies can be scanned and included in an installation automatically.

Note:If you want to create, edit, and build your InstallShield projects directly within Visual Studio, you must use Visual Studio 2005 or later. InstallShield cannot be integrated with Visual Studio 2003 or earlier.

Visual Studio can be integrated with only one version of InstallShield at a time. The last version of InstallShield that is installed or repaired on a system is the one that is used for Visual Studio integration.

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