Activating Through a Web Page

InstallShield 2014 Express Edition

If you do not have an Internet connection on the machine that has InstallShield or if you are having problems completing the online activation process, the activation wizard gives you the option of performing offline activation through a self-service Web page ( on a different machine.

To activate InstallShield through a Web page:

1. Attempt to activate InstallShield through the Internet. If it cannot be completed, the activation wizard displays a message explaining why it could not occur.
2. Click the Proceed with offline activation button. The Offline Activation dialog opens. The Request text box contains your request text. The request text starts with <?xml version, and it ends with </Request>.
3. To save the request text to a text file that you can upload from a machine with an Internet connection, click the Save button. The wizard lets you save the text as a .request file.
4. Visit the Offline Activation Web page (—a part of the Flexera Software Product and License Center—and follow the instructions to browse to the .request file that you saved.

When you click the button on the Offline Activation Web page to submit the activation request and obtain the activation response file (.xml), the Web page prompts you for a place to save the .xml file. Save it and make it available on the machine on which you initiated the activation process.

5. When you have the activation response file (.xml) and you are ready to complete the activation process, launch InstallShield to open the activation wizard.
6. Proceed to the Offline Activation dialog, which has a Response text box.
7. Click the Load button. The Open dialog opens.
8. Browse to the activation response file (.xml), and then click the Open button. The Open dialog closes, and the wizard writes the response text in the Response text box. The response text starts with <?xml version, and it ends with </Response>.

Note: As an alternative for step 8, you can copy the response text to your Clipboard and then use the Paste button to paste the Clipboard contents into the Response text box.

9. Click the Activate button.

The activation wizard activates InstallShield.

Tip: The aforementioned procedure is also used to perform an offline return of a license.