InstallShield Prerequisites Properties Dialog Box

InstallShield 2015 Express Edition

The InstallShield Prerequisites Properties dialog box opens when you right-click a selected InstallShield prerequisite in the Redistributables view and then click Properties. This dialog box enables you to specify a location for the selected InstallShield prerequisite. To learn more, see Specifying the Run-Time Location for InstallShield Prerequisites at the Release Level.

Build Location

Select the appropriate option from this list. You have three options:

Download From The Web—To download the InstallShield prerequisite files included in your project (if necessary) from the URL specified in the InstallShield prerequisite (.prq) file for each prerequisite, select this option.
Extract From Setup.exe—To compress the InstallShield prerequisite files into Setup.exe, to be extracted at run time, if necessary, select this option.
Copy From Source Media—To store the InstallShield prerequisite files at the root directory of the source media, select this option.

Tip: If you select the Extract From Setup.exe option or the Copy From Source Media option and then build a release that includes an InstallShield prerequisite that is not available on your computer, one or more build errors are generated for every file that the prerequisite requires. To avoid these build errors, either download the InstallShield prerequisite from the Internet to your computer or remove it from your project before building the release.

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