Adding New Users

To add new users in SBOM Insights, perform the following steps. To add users to an existing group refer to Adding Users to an Existing Group.

To add new users to SBOM Insights:

1. Add users from either of the following pages:
From the User Management page (Administration > Identity Management > User Management), click the Invite User button.
From the Invitations page (Administration > Identity Management > Invitations), click the Invite User button.

An Invite User slideout is displayed. On the slideout, enter the email address of the user to add, and choose the role or roles you want to grant to that user. For descriptions of roles, refer to SBOM Insights Roles.

2. Click Send Invitation.
3. Repeat these steps for all users needing access in your Organization.

Note:Expired invitations are purged from the backend database 30 days after the invitation expires. Invitations expire 7 days after they are sent if they are not accepted or are declined.

Watch a Demo

For a demonstration of how to invite users to your Organization, watch the following video.

Adding Users to an Existing Group

In addition to adding users from the User Management page, you can add users to an existing group. This provides the ability to do a bulk update of users within a group.

To add new users to an existing group:

1. Go to the Groups page (Administration > Identity Management > Groups).
2. Click the name of the group to which you are adding users. You can use the filter on the Group name column to help find the group that you are searching for when the list of groups is large.

When you click the group name, the group record slideout is displayed, showing the Orgs & Accounts, Billing Centers, Users, and Info tabs.

3. Click the Users tab within that group.

The Users tab displays a list of users that can be added or removed from the group. Users already in the group appear at the top of list (with check boxes selected).

4. To add users to the group, click the check boxes next to those users and click Save. To remove a user, deselect the check boxes of those users and click Save. You can also select all or deselect all users using the check box at the top of the selection column before clicking Save.