Download and Licensing Instructions

NOTE: For instructions on accessing the Revenera Product and License Center, see Accessing the Revenera Product and License Center.


To download Compliance Intelligence:

  1. Log in to the Revenera Community, and click Compliance Intelligence on the Community home page.

    NOTE: The Compliance Intelligence product will only appear for Revenera customers. If you do not see this product on the community, see Accessing the Revenera Product and License Center for registration instructions.

  2. On the Compliance Intelligence page, click Download Products and Licenses.
  3. On the Product Downloads page, click the Let’s Go button under the list that includes Compliance Intelligence. The Product and License Center opens.
  4. Under Downloads, click List Downloads. The Downloads page shows all of the product lines to which your account is entitled and can download.
  5. Click the Compliance Intelligence link. The Download Packages page will open.
  6. On the Download Packages page, the Latest Versions tab is shown by default.
    • The Latest Versions tab will list the latest version if you are current on maintenance.
    • The Previous Versions tab will list all of the earlier versions of the product.
  7. To download Compliance Intelligence, click the Compliance Intelligence link under Description.
  8. Click the desired Compliance Intelligence SDK link under Files.