What's New

SBOM Insights

In November 2022, SBOM Insights 2022.11.1 was released.

In September 2022, SBOM Insights 2022.09.1 and 2022.09.2 were released.

FlexNet Operations Cloud

In December 2022, FlexNet Operations Cloud 2022.12 (UAT) was released. The following documents were updated:

FlexNet Operations LLM

In November 2022, FlexNet Operations 2022.11 LLM was released. The following document was added:

FlexNet Operations On Premises

In August 2022, FlexNet Operations 2022 R1 On Premises was released.

FlexNet Embedded

In November 2022, FlexNet Embedded 2022.11 was released. The following documents were updated:

Code Insight

In November 2022, Code Insight 2022 R4 was released.

In August 2022, Code Insight 2022 R3 was released.

In May 2022, Code Insight 2022 R2 was released.

In February 2022, Code Insight 2022 R1 was released.

In November 2021, Code Insight 6.14.2 SP2 was released.

In November 2021, Code Insight 2021 R4 was released.

In August 2021, Code Insight 2021 R3 was released.

On May 20, 2021, a revised version of the Code Insight 2021 R2 Installation & Configuration Guide, updated with CORS-enablement information, was released.

In May 2021, Code Insight 2021 R2 was released.

In March 2021, Code Insight 2021 R1 was released.

In December 2020, Code Insight 2020 R4 was released.

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