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The SBOM Insights Solution

Today’s software applications are made up of many components that do not originate with the organization that created the application. These include open-source, third-party, and commercial software components that make up ingredients in an application that are not part of the application’s proprietary code.

Revenera SBOM Insights is a SaaS solution that helps companies maintain a complete, accurate Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). This cloud inventory management solution aggregates the SBOM over multiple products and sources and provides full visibility of all product ingredients to security and legal teams as well as supply chain partners.

SBOM Insights Features

Revenera SBOM Insights helps with the following:

Complete management of the software supply chain from multiple sources for enhanced security, tighter regulatory compliance, and better decision-making.
Ability to provide a complete and accurate SBOM in a SaaS environment.
SBOM access at any given moment to answer questions about ongoing policy management, vulnerability risk, and license compliance.