End-Of-Life Notice
Legacy Products

Legacy Products End-of-Life

To continuously provide you with the highest quality solutions, Flexera periodically retires older software so we can focus our resources and development efforts on enhancing current versions to meet new market demands, and supporting the latest technological innovations.

The following products have passed their end-of-life dates and as a result are no longer supported:

  • FlexLM—FlexLM has been replaced by FlexNet Publisher.
  • FlexNet Delivery
  • Globetrack Licensing (GTL)—Globetrack Licensing has been replaced by FlexNet Operations.
  • Install From the Web
  • InstallShield MultiPlatform—InstallShield MultiPlatform has been replaced by InstallAnywhere.
  • InstallShield Update Services—InstallShield Update Services has been replaced by FlexNet Connect.
  • Package for the Web
  • SafeCast—Flexera Software announced on 2009-Jan-30 that we are moving all versions of SafeCast to "end-of-life" program. As part of this end-of-life status, you will have 12 months to migrate your applications to FlexNet Publisher. As of 2010-Jan-30, all versions of SafeCast will no longer be supported. We encourage you to upgrade to FlexNet Publisher, which can help you quickly create new pricing models and versatile product configurations that meet your customers' needs.
  • Utility Pricing Management