Importing Project Data Using the REST API

Code Insight 2021 R2

Use the following instructions to import project data by explicitly executing a cURL command that calls the Import Project Data REST API. (Alternatively, you can invoke this API using an API client such as Postman. See Importing Project Data Using the Postman API Client.)

Note:If copying the cURL command directly from the following instructions for your own use, copy it to a text editor first to remove formatting and any line breaks or extra spaces.

To run an import, do the following:

1. Ensure that all prerequisites in Prerequisites for Importing Data and Prerequisites When Using the REST Interface are met.
2. Set up a cURL command to invoke the Import Project Data REST API (import endpoint). You choose one of these methods in which to execute the command:
Explicitly Provide the Import Attributes in the cURL Command
Point the cURL Command to a File Containing the Import Attributes
3. Execute the command.

When the import is complete, a status message with OK will appear in the command prompt window. If the import is not successful, a status code and error message is displayed.

4. Verify that the import results are what you expected. See Verifying the Import Results.