Importing Project Data Using the Web UI

Code Insight 2021 R2

Use the following instructions to import project data using the Code Insight Web UI.

To import project data using the Code Insight Web UI, do the following:

1. Ensure that all requirements in Prerequisites for Importing Data are met.
2. Log into Code Insight as the owner of the project you want to which you are importing data.
3. Navigate to the Project Summary tab (see Opening the Project Summary Tab).
4. Open the Manage Project dropdown and select Import Project Data.
5. Click Browse next to the Choose File to Import field to search for and select the .zip file containing the JSON data file you are importing.
6. For a description of the remaining fields, refer to Import Project Data Dialog.
7. Click OK to perform the import.
If the import fails for some reason, as error dialog is displayed. Click OK and attempt the import again.
If the import completes successfully, a message dialog is displayed, stating as such. Click OK.
8. Verify that the import results are what you expected. See Verifying the Import Results.