Registering for an Account using an Entitlement ID or Activation ID

You clicked the Register link in the End-User Portal login page, and you are now at the Register for Account page. If you have an entitlement ID or activation ID, you can self-register and create your own End-User Portal account.

To self-register and create your own End-User Portal account:

1. Enter your entitlement ID or activation ID in the Activation ID field. This is a required field.
2. Provide your Last name and First name. These are required fields.
3. Enter a valid Email address (in order to receive a system-generated password). A valid email address is required and, for most users, later serves as a user name on the login page.
4. Optionally, users can select the Register for Existing Account check box if they want to be associated with an existing Self-Registered account. The existing account is automatically identified using the information that you provide in the Activation ID field (in Step 1). Note that if you select the Register for Existing Account check box, you are not required to provide a company name in Step 5.

If you do not select the Register for Existing Account check box, you are registering as a new user under a new account.

5. For Company, type the name of your company or organization. This is a required field unless you have selected the Register for Existing Account check box.
6. Optionally, type your Phone, Fax, Street, City, State, Zip/Postal Code, and Country.
7. Select a Locale and a Time Zone from the drop-down lists provided.
The locale is used to display dates in the appropriate format. In addition, if the End-User Portal has been localized, the End-User Portal will show pages in the locale’s language and format. For example, for a French locale, dates will be displayed in the format dd/mm/yy and the text will appear in French.
Timezone is used to determine when a certain transaction is completed. For example, if a user in the GMT timezone created an object at 4 PM, a user in the PST timezone would see the created time at 8 AM.
8. You may Opt in to receive email from the marketing department of your software publisher or hardware manufacturer.
9. Click Complete.

The End-User Portal sends a welcome message to the email address you provided. That email message includes your user name and a temporary password. The next time you log in to the End-User Portal using your new user name, you will be prompted to change this password.

If you have additional entitlement IDs or activation IDs that you want to activate or manage through this End-User Portal account, after you log in to the End-User Portal, map the IDs to your account.