InstallAnywhere 2013

LaunchAnywhere is a Java application launcher technology. A LaunchAnywhere executable file is an executable file that is used to launch a Java application on any LaunchAnywhere-compatible platform (all Windows, UNIX, and OS X).

LaunchAnywhere enables end users to launch a Java application by double-clicking an icon (Windows or OS X) or by typing a single command (UNIX).

A LaunchAnywhere Java application launcher automatically locates an appropriate Java virtual machine (JVM), either bundled with the application or already installed on the system, and also configures the Java application environment by setting the classpath; redirecting standard out and standard error; passing in system properties, environment variables, and command-line parameters; and performing many other options.

LaunchAnywhere hides the console window by default for GUI applications, but it can be set to display the console for text-based applications. All LaunchAnywhere settings are configured within InstallAnywhere and automatically set when the installer installs the application.

LaunchAnywhere accepts a command-line parameter, LAX_VM, to force selection of a certain JVM. Use the following syntax for this property:

<LaunchAnywhere> LAX_VM <fully qualified path to java executable>

The launcher looks at a configuration file <MyLauncherName>.lax to determine how the launcher runs. This LAX file is created during the installation, and is placed in the same location as the launcher.

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